Assalamualaykum IDEAL Families,

Insha’Allah this message reaches you and your family members in the best of health and Eman.

The new theme for the month of April will be: Islam the Truth, “Why Islam, it’s time to know the truth?”

Islam is the only way of life that has remained consistent throughout the ages. Many of the beliefs and practices that we follow have been around since the day Allah (swt) blew the soul into the body of Adam (as), the father of mankind. In fact, the first thing that happened when the soul entered the body was that Adam (as) sneezed and said Alhamdulillah. Allah (swt) responded Yarhamuk-Allah, bestowing his mercy upon Adam (as). Adam then approached the angels to converse with them, he began by greeting them, As-Salamu Alaikum. Are these not the same mannerisms and greetings that we practice to this very day? Allah (swt) ordained those practices since the beginning of mankind, and only Islam still preserves them!

Allah (swt) has blessed us with the preserved path, guidance that has not been lost over time. A book which is the literal speech of Allah, remains with us in its original form. No other faith or belief system can make that claim. At times we have to take a step back and remember the blessing that we are upon as Muslims. This month at IDEAL, our theme will be “Islam-the Truth,” so that we can do just that.


IDEAL Administration and Tarbiya Team



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